Black Friday, discounts and offers in the crypto world

Black Friday does not leave the cryptocurrency sector indifferent either, with discounts, offers and promotions on accessories and services.

The Black Friday of Tradingview

On the occasion of Black Friday Tradingview, the site where to consult charts and tables of financial markets and crypto, offers a special promo with discounts up to 60%.

Specifically, these are the offers:

  • Plan Pro, -40%, $108 instead of $179.4 for 13 months;
  • Piano Pro+, -50%, $179 instead of $359.4 for 13 months;
  • Premium Plan, -60%, $288 instead of $719.4 for 13 months.

Unlike the basic plan, which is free of charge, paid plans allow you to eliminate advertising. In addition, the higher the cost of the subscription, the more features will be available.

You can see the difference between the plans and the features on the site.

The offer is valid until Saturday 28 November.

Ledger’s promotions

Ledger, the hardware wallet company, offers a 40% discount on its products, using the BlackFriday20 code. The promo is valid from 23rd to 30th November.

The purchase system is very simple: just select the hardware wallet model, between Ledger Nano S (59 euro) and Ledger Nano X (119 euro), add them to the cart and before purchasing, in the space provided, insert the BlackFriday20 code to get 40% discount. In practice, the Ledger Nano X will cost 71,39 euro, while the Ledger Nano S will cost 45,16 euro (but it is affected by 8 euro shipping costs).

Bitcoin Black Friday

For those looking for various discounts, there is a very interesting site that is BitcoinBlackFriday. In spite of the name, the site actually works as a collector of promotions in the cryptocurrency sector, throughout the year. Divided by categories, it allows you to find offers in areas such as products, hardware, media, and even art and exchange.

For example, BitcoinBlackFriday warns that Coinmama is giving a 20% discount on commission costs at BlackFriday. Clicking on is redirected directly to the exchange.

In short, a tour on this site is particularly useful for lovers of the sector.

What is Black Friday

But what is Black Friday? It is a tradition that comes from the United States: it would be the day after Thanksgiving, which is usually the fourth Thursday in November. Black Friday (or Black Friday) is a day of discounts that inaugurates Christmas shopping.

There are various theories as to why the colour black:

  • Black was the colour in which shopkeepers recorded their accounts in the books, and after a day of sales the books were definitely marked with the colour black (while red indicated loss-making accounts);
  • Black would represent the traffic caused by the congestion of public and private transport in the shopping streets.

In any case, this tradition has evolved over the years. Besides being exported all over the world, it has also been extended. We are now talking about „Black Friday week“. It now continues practically until the following Monday, the so-called „Cyber Monday“, a day of discounts dedicated to the tech sector.

But remember not to be fooled by excessive discounts. Days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday lend themselves to easy scams. So it’s always good to use caution and not to get carried away by the euphoria of unusually low prices.