Bitcoin becomes more secure: -92% of BTC stolen in 2020

The Bitcoin network (BTC) has matured in 2020, with the massive arrival of new investors and the considerable rise in the price of the asset. This is also seen by another indicator: the number of stolen BTCs is in free fall compared to last year.

Fewer bitcoins (BTC) stolen in 2020 than in 2019

The information comes to us from Jameson Lopp , the technical director of Casa. In 2020, he listed all reported stolen BTCs , to compare them with previous years. And the result speaks for itself: in 2020, the number of stolen and reported BTCs drops by 92% . The trend was already down since 2016, but 2019 saw an upsurge in bitcoin theft:

These are 4366 Bitcoin Superstar that were reported stolen, corresponding to the lowest level ever recorded: 0.02% of the total supply. For comparison, the worst year in terms of BTC stolen, 2014 saw 678,262 BTC stolen . In 2020, the Darknet Empire platform recorded the biggest loss of the year, with 2,638 BTC stolen.

Stolen BTCs whose price changes over the years

However, we must mitigate the analysis somewhat: the price of Bitcoin has increased enormously since 2014. On January 6, 2014, a BTC was worth 936 dollars . Today, January 6, 2020, one BTC is worth over $ 35,000 . Taking into account the number of stolen BTCs can therefore give an interesting indicator, but it should be kept in mind that the sums involved vary greatly.

Still, we are witnessing a democratization of investment in Bitcoin. Large asset managers are now offering custodial services , allowing institutional investors to keep their BTCs more secure.